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Earn a Free Trip

💥PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO READ- IT COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE💥 (Have you ever wanted to earn a free trip?)
It’s been 7 years of remaining healthy and strong through many trials that we all have in life. I’m 36 years old and feel better than most 20 year olds💪🏻🙏🏻💥🙌🏻💪🏻

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If you are friends with any Beachbody Coaches or you have been following the journey of my family you may notice that we often go on trips. 🌴

One of those trips is called the Success Club trip and they do ONE PER year and it’s a trip that you can EARN as a reward for your work during the year. Tomorrow they will announce where we are going in 2019😱

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In three and a half months we go to Mexico🌴🌴

Well this is a photo of my cubicle for 12 hours a day when I was working in 2011. If you look CLOSELY at the screensaver it is a photo of ATLANTIS in the Bahamas. 🌞🌴

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I saw that image everyday and envisioned being able to take my wife Gabby there for FREE 😱👌🏼.
I’d never taken her on a trip or vacation like that before (our honeymoon was a little bit of a mess, It involved us walking down some scary Streets in Miami trying to find somewhere to sleep while dragging our suitcases behind us)😱😱😱
I want to tell you how SIMPLE it is to earn that trip and what it takes. It takes a DECISION💡
💥That’s all it was for me💥 It wasn’t a “that would be nice” Or “if things workout I’ll get to go”. 🤔
It was me asking my coach Lindsay during our conversation right after I started as a coach “How do I get to go on that trip” She told me, hit Success Club every month this year.
👌🏼I said DONE👌🏼
You see I KNEW about the trip before I signed up as a coach and if you have watched my National Wakeup call about #faceyourgrizzly (you can ask below for the recording) it was that day on April 11th, 2011 that my fear of not knowing how to take care of my family became greater than my fears of becoming a coach and trying something new. 🙏🏻💥
The part I didn’t have a chance to mention on that 10 minute National Wake UP call was the OTHER thing that catapulted me into making a decision🤪
I got onto Facebook that day and I saw all these people who were doing Beachbody workouts posting pictures from a Cruise Ship and it PISSED ME OFF 🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡

Sorry to say it like that but I was mad 😡!!
But why mad?
Mad at who?
I was mad at myself because I had let my fears hold me back for 8 months.🤯 Those pictures were coaches I was following on Facebook and they were celebrating their accomplishments for the year on the 2011 Success Club trip.
I thought to myself🙌🏻. I love these workouts💪🏻, I love helping people just like them yet they are on a CRUISE and I am sitting in a cubicle🤬🤔🤬🤔
That day I made a choice to get off the sideline and in the game 🏈 .

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Since that day we have been able to go on 6 of these trips and super excited to be going with our team in 2018 to Mexico Riviera 🇲🇽🌴🌞
I can’t make a choice for you, that’s up to you🙌🏻

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