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90 Day Body Beast Results- Scottie Hobbs Beachbody Body Beast

90 Day Body Beast Results- Scottie Hobbs Beachbody Body Beast

Jan 28, 2013

90 Day Body Beast Results

I had a goal of being in the Body Beast infomercial and didn’t make it in the first showing.  I made the mistake of not taking my before pictures with a high quality camera as you can see below. I do have to admit the advertisement looks AMAZING!  Team Beachbody did an amazing job showing what is possible with this program.  I saw friends of mine put on 18lbs in just 90 days.  I personally was able to put on 12.6lbs of mass in just 90 days and I feel better than ever.  I gained an inch in my arms and almost 4 ” in my chest.  I will show you my 90 day Body Beast measurements via body statistics as well as photos in this post.  I feel better than I ever have before and I have to give a shout out to Sagi for this program.  It is PERFECT.   I will put together a transformation video after I hit my final goal of 175lbs with abs.  I have about 12lbs to go.  I just ordered some brand new Powerblocks so that I have more weight and I am 100% committed to showing you skinny guys out there that you can do it. My next 90 day Body Beast Results will also blow your mind.  Thank you to everyone that follows my Youtube channel and videos, you all make me go harder and hold myself accountable.

90 Day Body Beast Results

Day 30 Results

Weight 157 lbs


Neck- 14.5″

Chest- 42.25″

Waist- 31.25″

Thighs- 20.5

Hips- 34.25″

Calf- 14.25″


Day 60 Results

Weight 159 lbs


Neck- 16″

Chest- 43.25″

Waist- 31″

Thighs- 21.5

Hips- 35.25″

Calf- 14.50″

Day 90 Results

Weight 165.6


Neck- 16.5

Chest- 44″

Waist- 32″

Thighs- 22.75

Hips- 35.75″

Calf- 14.75″

Body_beast_Results_90 Days

12.6 lbs Gained in 90 Days

I’m excited to bring the next 90 days to you.  I will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to have the most amazing results possible.

Do you have a BODY BEAST Transformation you would like me to share?  CONTACT ME

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  1. Ian /

    Hi again Scottie,
    Nice results with body beast!
    How’s your goal to reach 175lbs by summit?
    Are you just repeating body beast again to reach your target?
    Keep up the good work

    • Scottie /

      Hey Ian! I had a 9 week set back with a snowboarding shoulder injury/tear so I am behind! I only weigh 168 right now but I’m pushing through now that it is healed up! Body Beast everyday!

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