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80 Day Obsession Calendar

Download and print out 80 Day Obsession Calendar below.

As I sit here during the half time show of the Super Bowl at my parents house I have to admit that I am changing in a away that I never imagined happening when I first embarked on my journey with the 80 Day Obsession Test group.  My dinner was not the MOST healthy and by far not perfect, but it beats the bag of chips, salsa, and energy drinks that I had last year and the years before.  It’s in PROGRESS where you find happiness. That is what this journey is all about.  For the first time in a fitness and nutrition program I have not been looking forward to, and counting the days.  I am in the journey and EMBRACING the lifestyle change. In this post you will see my thoughts from this week as well as be able to download the 80 Day Obsession Calendar below so that you can prepare your days and your weeks.  Preparation will be KEY to your success.

This week I have printed out the 80 Day Obsession Calendar and downloaded the weeks workouts to my BOD app as I am traveling to Big Sky Montana for 5 nights snowboarding with some dear friends and mentors. I will bring my adjustable dumbbells, bands, sliders, portion cups, and WILL to stay strong while traveling. Once again, preparation will be key to my success this week.

Get 80 DAY Obsession

80 day obsession calendar, 80 day obsession super bowll I will share with you this week the stats and measurements of my progress at the end of 3 weeks with the 80 Day Obsession along with a couple of the lessons I learned this week to help YOU on your journey.  Before I share these thoughts with you I want to highlight a woman and dear friend of 7 years.  She is a nurse in the UK and in our challenge group.  

80 day obsession results in the ink, 80 day obsession, 80 day obsession

The 4 things I learned this week doing the 80 Day Obsession

1.) First, for the first time I had family give me a hard time about my discipline of following my meal plan which was a new obstacle for me. I was told that I was a pain and planning and worrying about each meal was not worth it.  I have made a decision and I am doing this for me.  

80 day obsession foods, 80 day obsession calendar

2.) The second thing that I learned is that if you are working out your body HARD, challenging yourself, and eating the right amount of foods at the right time, your body will function the way it was designed to function and burn fat.  As you know from last weeks blog, I changed my meal plan to Plan E.  I am eating SO much food and loving the fact that I am full, and loving new variety of foods.  I still lost 1 lbs and here are my stats from day 1 to Day 21. 

80 day obsession calendar , 80 day obsession men, 80 day obsession meal plan

3.) Even though I have lost weight and inches, my core, back, and glutes are considerably stronger.  I decided for fun yesterday to hop on my bench press after my Cardio Flow workout to see if I was losing strength.  I was able to lift heavier than I was able to lift when I weight 180lbs prior to my Collar bone break and bicep surgery 2 years ago.  I am learning that if you feed your body the right foods, rest, and stretch out, your body will be stronger and function better. 

80 day obsession men, 80 day obsession males, 80 day obsession works

4.) The 4th lesson that I learned this week is to print out the calendar, which is why I am sharing them here with you even though they are easily accessed through your BOD membership account under program materials for 80 Day Obsession.  Today, Gabby and I took an amazing 2 hour nap after church and woke up to do our Roll and Release or Stretch workout only to see that Day 21 said Total Body Core 57 minutes.  We were a little bummed because we didn’t take our pre-workout, follow the guided meal plan for workout blocks, and the fact that we needed to leave for the Super Bowl. The problem was that I normally had just been looking at the days on the workout list and not at the calendar.  Lesson learned, and I am here to share that lesson with you.  Sunday at the end of week 3 is a Self care and Rest day.

Day 21 resumes on Monday with Total Body Core.

80-day-obsession-calendar-phase 1

80-day-obsession-calendar-phase-3, 80 day obsession calendar phase 380-day-obsession-calendar-peak-week, 80 day obsession calendar peek week, peak week 80 day obession calendar

I hope you enjoy the 80 Day Obsession Calendar downloads and that they help you avoid a mishap like I had today.  Here below I will share with you my daily Youtube/Facebook live review videos of each day.  Also if you want to see a daily peek inside my life make sure you follow my Instagram Stories @Scottiehobbs