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Top Male Beachbody Coach

We are just returning from 9 days unplugged from social media and cell phones as we spent time with our over 50 coaches on our team and over 3500 coaches from across the Team Beachbody Network on the SS Beachbody.  That’s right the Success Club Trip has official taken place and it was amazing to have the whole Liberty of the Seas ship chartered by Team Beachbody.  I will embed a video below to highlight our trip and show you what it was like.  Who would of thought you would see thousands of people working out at 6:00 am on the Lido Deck of a ship in the middle of the ocean!  It finally hit me this past week on the cruise that I am the top male Beachbody Coach in the network and I want to change that.  Our team wants to change that as we sat at dinner in the evenings we talked about goals and where we want our team to be next year when we go to Cancun for the 2015 Success Club Trip.  I realized after a few nights that all the coaches sitting at our table where guys and they are ready to push harder than ever on there goals to take their spot as the Top Make Beachbody Coach.  Many people have asked my why there aren’t any other guys in the top 25 of the company and I want to share what I think may help guys move forward with their goals of being in the Elite Top 10.



1.  Women are better able to relate with others and be more vunerable people in sharing their shortcomings.  Team Beachbody is a relationship business and to build good relationships you have to be able to be very open about your life.  Guys, you will have to be more vulnerable and share more about your life.

2.  Another huge part of becoming successful as a guy is the ability to expand your network of influence with social media.  Women just seem to be more natural at that.  If you are wanting to become a top male Beachbody coach, I’m telling you that you will have to buckle down and learn to love social media.  (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Blogs)

3.  Since women are naturally better at social media and building solid relationships, you will need to learn to work with and build healthy relationships with women (many will become your best coaches and leaders)

4.  Don’t talk about just FITNESS and your transformation.  You will attract people who are like you.  Dive into personal development full-speed and talk about that the personal growth journey.  That is what will attract the right people who will be all in for the long run with you.

5.  Believe that you are NO DIFFERENT than any of the females in the Top 10.