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Top Beachbody Coaches- Team Call Recordings

Team Call Recordings

Top Beachbody Coaches


We currently lost connection to ALL Instantpresenter recordings.  We DO however have some youtube recording in this Archive.  The last few calls are also ALL youtube links that you can watch now.

Join our Team- Beachbody Challenge Info


I want this to be a place that we have our Team Calls recorded for easy access.  We are creating the companies Top Beachbody Coaches through our passion and love for helping people live healthier more fulfilling lifestyles.  Here are the links to our weekly team calls along with Team Calls I have been invited to speak on with other Elite Top Beachbody Coaches.  These are open to be shared with anybody who is wanting to learn.  DREAM BIG COACHES!


Team Cal- How to Recruit Coaches to YOUR TEAM- Step by Step invite process

Scottie Hobbs- Tips to go Full-time as a Coach, Master story, Focus on what you want

Ashley Frost- Monday Night Team call

Check your 2014 baggage at the door- Miguel Carrasco

7 Tips to Grow YOU and your Business- Meg Kozlowski

January 8th- Interview with Autumn Calabrese creator of 21 Day Fix- HER STORY

Autumn Team Call

Amanda Norder and Mareena Newbold-Starting the New Year with a BANG!

Christian Stone- What is Beachbody Coaching-

Bonnie Engle and Josie Naikoi- Posting on Social Media with Personality and getting Engagement

 Michael and Jennifer Greenberg- Join our Team- What is Beachbody Coaching!

Scottie Hobbs and Kina Hobbs (7 years old)- Want to break through and overcome objections ?

Lindsay Matway- Resolution Effect

Join Team Beachbody- Lori Vela


Run your Own Race and Success Partners 101

How to Lead Super-Charged Challenge Groups with Jennifer Johnson 11/20

Morgan Reiger and Becka Robinson- Business mOney Makeover- Securing Financial side of your business

Jennifer Greenberg 8 Star Diamond Elite Coach- What is Beachbody Coaching

Marissa- Be fearlessly creative and lead a team of integrity

Mai Garcia 1 Star Diamond- Staying Committed through the Holidays

Laura Mendenhall- How to not lead with emotions

Scott and Megan Gutke- What is Beachbody Coaching

Abbie Marie-Getting over yourself- 3.5 years to become 2 star diamond

Jenny Jaucian- How to use Social Media

Nikki Johnson- How to start a blog and expand your network

Sam Bragg- What is Beachbody Coaching

Samara Ashley- How to build your business and be present with your family

How to Get Started as a Coach- New Coach Training- Teri Fisher

Want to know what Beachbody Coaching is all about?

Experienced Failure, changed thinking, and now success- Lindsey Westbrook

Jennifer Greenberg and Steve McDonald- 14 Ways to sail past your warm market- SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING

What is Beachbody Coaching- Shawn Bourguignon

Melanie Mitro- Creating Strategies for Success

Scottie Hobbs- Leadership Recap+ Get on the Bike and RIDE

Caleb Thomas- Branding Yourself

Cari Mugz- Breaking Barriers

Alyssa Shomaker- Everything INSTAGRAM 9/8/14

Tiara Lewis- What is Beachbody Coaching 9/5/14

Jennifer Greenberg and Jenna Destafano- 9/1/14 8 and 9 star diamond coaches

Organizing your Beachbody Business- Kendra Fletcher

Seay Stanford & Becky Hilty 8-25-14 Importance of Diamond Coach

Gina and Funtaine Hunter- What is Beachbody Coaching 8/21/14

8-18-2014 Sarah Pohl- Want Rockstar Coaches?

8/14/2014 3 Star Diamond Nicol Cabe

8-11-14 – Bombshell Dynasty Team Call- Jennifer M and Kelly W- Overcoming and Goal Setting

Teri Fisher- MD and Founder of the Exercise Movement- What is Beachbody Coaching? 8-7-14

Scottie Hobbs- Happiness Precedes Success- My Secret KEY TO SUCCESS 8-4-14

Alethea Cox 7-31-14 How Incredibly Successful People Think

Brittany LeGette- Generational Leadership  7-28-14

What is Beachbody Coaching- Jenny Jaucian 7-24-14

Gabby Hobbs and Jayson Linford- SPOUSE SUPPORT 7-22-14

Author of How to Rock your Network Marketing Business

Lindsay Stay 7-21-14  GSR, Placement, Goals, Vision

Traditional vs Beachbody Opportunity- Greg and Mark

What is Beachbody Coaching- Lori and Courtney (Attorney’s and Beachbody Coaches)

Lindsay Matway- SHINE

Cherish Saurey and a little Tony Robbins- AMAZING call

Billy Hodges- Spouse of Top Coach Lindsay Matway a SPOUSE perspective of the business

Scottie Hobbs- Summit Re-Cap and my VISION for this team

Kendra Fletcher- Building Excitement for your Challenges and Products!

Jennifer and Mike Greenberg- $5000 a week after 3 years.  A slow start and a non believing spouse.

Ashleigh Reyes- How to build a business you can retire on

Caleb Thomas and Scottie Hobbs- Our struggles and how to Push forward

Kati Heifner- 8 Star Diamond Elite Coach

No Coach Left Behind- Being True to You Nikki Minton

Eric Worre video How to recruit 20 coaches in a month

Turning Heart into Hustle- Brittany LeGette 5-4-14

Miguel Carrasco Facebook and Social Media- AMAZING CALL AND MUST HEAR FOR ALL!
Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton Authors of “Go For NO”  on TEAM CALL
Lindsay Matway- The Secret sauce
Kendra Fletcher – How to Follow-up and Build Your Business

Miguel Carrasco and Dianne Manness

Creating a movement and overcoming excuses

Katy Ursta- Creating your future and finding your niche 3/10/14

Rachel Kamps and Scottie Hobbs-

8 Tips from a coach that had no success first time around and now is success club all star!


Scottie Hobbs – Time Management and the THREE BELIEFS you MUST HAVE

Brigitte Linford and Kendra Fletcher- Running Challenge groups and Coach Basics…/EB50DC828648

Lindsay Matway and Melanie Mitro-Brand yourself, Social media, and CHALLENGE GROUPS!

Miguel Carrsco and Seay Stanford- Build a 6 Figure Business

Shiva Latifi- Challenge Packs (positioning and selling)

Kati Heifner and Brigitte Linford

Scottie Hobbs Leadership Call with Paretos Law 80/20

Lindsay Stay and Nikki Minton

Jennifer Greenberg and Scottie Hobbs

****#Dothequeenthing  and SETTING BIGGER GOALS***

New Coach Webinar 1/3/2013

Scottie Hobbs and David Ingram

Scottie Hobbs and David Ingram on Dreaming Big, Setting Goals, and our FAILURES.

Join our Team- Beachbody Challenge Info

Kendra Fletcher-  How to Effectively FOLLOW-UP. You will learn how to build relationships, how to help more people, and how to DOUBLE your business results

Lindsay Matway, Miguel Carrasco, Brittany LeGette- AMAZING Leadership CALL


Lead Yourself- 1st Key to Leadership-

High Performance and List of 10 things to do DAILY

List of 10 Things I do Daily (1)

Lindsay Matway 11/11/2013 Amazing call with my coach

Joey Cowett and Scottie Hobbs – High performance and YOUR LEGACY 11/6/2013

Scottie Hobbs- Help People NO MATTER WHAT- 10/30/2013

Melanie Mitro- Tips on how to share and consistency for NEW coaches 10/23/2013

Scottie Hobbs on Melanie Mitro’s team call 10/22/13

Tips for success, Time management, and Leadership

Brigitte Linford- Expert Advice on FACEBOOK LIKE PAGES 10/16/13

Team call Tony Robbins CHOICE 10-9-13

Lindsay Matway – 10-1-2013

Make $900 by the Holidays and HOW TO START A NEW COACH- Scottie Hobbs 9/25/2013

Team Call led by Joey Cowett- 9-18-2013

January 3, 2013: Instagram 101


Joey Cowett- 9/11/2013  AMAZING tips on how to be successful as a Team Beachbody Coach -DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH


Melissa McCallister- 9/4/2013  10 tips for success- Elite Top 10 for 2 years

Barbie Decker and Sagi Kalev (Body Beast) 8/28/2013- 10 things successful coaches do and 10 things unsuccessful coaches do.

Scottie Hobbs on Barbie Deckers Team call- My Story, 3 Top Coach Tips, How to recruit Coaches 8/26

Julie Ha Keppner- Your VISION AND PURPOSE 8-21-2013

Katrinas Story on Fit4lyfe call

New Coach Webinar- Success Club and Keep it simple- Justin Cox team 8/14/2013

KEEP YOUR LAMP LIT- BELIEF Scottie Hobbs 8/14/2013

AMBER SCOTT’S TEAM CALL 7.30.13 Scottie Hobbs: An Interview w/ the current #6 Coach. 6:30 pm PST (on our Team Call)

Finding your DESTINATION and creating SMART GOALS- Scottie Hobbs 8/7/13

3 Tips to becoming a successful coach and living your purpose- Amber Scott #10 coach 7/31/13



Lori Vella 7-17-2013


New Coach Webinar- Scottie Hobbs- 7/7/13


Scottie Hobbs 6/12/13- Learning your Coach online Office

Scottie Hobbs- HOw to INVITE- Stand like a LIGHT HOUSE

Karen Walker- Instagram and getting customers- 5-29/2013


Jenna Destefano- 5-15-2013 From discount coach to 6 months of commitment and becoming a full-time coach-

Business Opportunity Call with Scottie Hobbs 5/8/13 

Colby Knight- 5-1-2013 Creating your CODE 


Scottie Hobbs 4/24/13 How to TRACK customers and CREATE a GOOGLE FORM 

Lindsay Matway 4/22/2013 New Coach WEBINAR! 


Melissa Morris 4/21/13 Using Social Media 

Scottie Hobbs 4-17-13- Business Owner vs nagging employee


Kendra Fletcher 4-10-13  New coach perspective


Katelyn Lesk- 4-3-2013 – Having the right attitude. 

Melissa Morris- 3-27-2013

Shiva Latifi- The Secret and Instagram

Jennifer Greenburg- Treat your Business like a Business


February 27th- Melissa Morris -Finding your voice!

February 20th- Jarvis Holland Breaking through the concrete.

February 13th- Brigitte and Mindy (START WITH WHY) Go for your Dreams

February 6th- Cherish- Proof the Product works!

January 30th- Scottie Hobbs BELIEF and Personal Development!

Jan 22nd Jennifer Greenberg’s Team Call with Guest Scottie Hobbs

December 7th 2013

Super Saturday RECAP! :) CRUISE TIME!

Neil and Billy sharing the importance of SPOUSES UNDERSTANDING :)

December 03, 2012:


October 15th, 2012: TJ Lynch & Brigitte Linford – VISION and BELIEF!

Oct. 10th, 2012

October 1st, 2012: Seay and Scottie (Leadership Recap)


Sept. 24th 2012 OH CANADA! :

September 17, 2012: The BIG PICTURE of Beachbody

August 20, 2012: Jessica Yates on Networking 

August 13, 2012: Guest Speaker: Melanie Mitro 

August 6, 2012: Gretchen Strait Shares Her WHY! :)

July 16, 2012: Making DEPOSITS

July 9th, 2012: Builing YOUR Dynasty


July 2, 2012: The Power of Duplication, Part One 

June 27th, 2012: Summit RECAP


June 13th, 2012: NEW COACH WEBINAR #2


June 11, 2012: Guest Speaker Kati Heifner 

June 5, 2012: New Coach Webinar 

June 4, 2012: Guess Speaker Jeff Hill 

May 28th, 2012: YOUR STORY = Success – Scottie Hobbs


May 21st, 2012: Success Partners (Lynda Suttles & Jen Scofield)


May 14th, 2012: Building relationships through FORM


April 16, 2012 : Ultimate Reset

April 9th, 2012: SHOW ME THE MONEY!


April 2nd, 2012: 10 Points of a Leader


March 26th, 2012: Back from the BAHAMAS: Social Media and tips from Kati and Seay


March 12th, 2012: Recognition Call: The Dynasty is BOOMING!

February 20th, 2012: Gretchen Strait (Review of Lindsay’s income progression)


February 13th, 2012: Sara Stakeley

February 6th, 2012: Seay Stanford


January 30th, 2012: What is YOUR Gem?

January 23rd, 2012: Scottie Hobbs

January 16th, 2012:


November 28th, 2011: 5 Tips to RE-BOOT your Business: Lindsay Matway

November 21st, 2011: Kati & Abby Team Call

November 14th, 2011: Amy Emme Guest Speaker

November 7th, 2011: Melanie Mitro EXPEDITE your SUCCESS!


October 3rd, 2011: Dynasty Challenge & Discovering your DESTINY with Sandy Tocci

September 26th, 2011: Kati & Abby: From NEW coach to TOP COACH!

September 19th, 2011: Beachbody Challenge Groups, Placement & Fermin Banawa

Skip the first 15 minutes, as we had technical difficulties!*

September 12th, 2011: NATIONAL COACH CALL: Lindsay Matway: Born to Shine!

September 12th, 2011: Laurel Hedden: Overcoming your past & reaching outside your comfort zone.

September 5th, 2011: Seay Stanford: Overcoming Price Objectives:

August 15th, 2011: You’ve Got Questions; I’ve got ANSWERS:

August 8th, 2011: GET in THE GAME!

August 1st, 2011: Run your OWN RACE!

NEW COACH TRAINING with Kati & Lindsay :)



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