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T25 Results

 I have been waiting on the Focus T25 test group results for the past 2 months and now I have some here to share with you!  Check out these amazing results with the new Focus T25.  I will be doing two live workouts with ShaunT in Las Vegas this upcoming week and I’m excited to grab my copy of T25 and do it with my wife Gabby.  The T25 results will blow your mind.  You will only have to workout 25 minutes per day and 5 days a week with this new program and so TIME IS NO LONGER AN EXCUSE.  It’s much like Insanity but with no breaks and in only 25 minutes you complete the whole workout.   Super proud of Tania for giving it all she had in the test group and showing us these awesome results!


results may vary

If you are interested in doing T25 with us and be one of the first to go through the program then you can CLICK HERE to be n the email list that I will use to send out info as soon as it is released in a few days to the Team Beachbody network

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Click to make me your FREE COACH