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Shakeology Cleanse

It’s $45 for the 3 days supply (you get 8 packets which make between 12-16 shakes) 3/4 of the packet is used for 1 shake. You drink 3 shakes a day… You can drink them plain for best results or add half a banana and/or strawberries to giveit a yummy “smoothie king” taste! Here is the schedule during the cleanse:
Wake up: Drink green tea or coffee (plain)
Hour later: Drink 1st shake (add fruit) Big glass of water
2 hours later: Optional piece of fruit
Lunch: 2nd shake (add fruit, optional) Big glass of water
2 hours later: Optional fruit… 2nd green tea or coffee.
Dinner: Salad with 4oz of chicken or white fish (light vinegarette dressing) Big glass of water
Dessert: 3rd Shake & big glass of water .

You will have a few extra shakes for the few days after…

If you like it you can order a month supply (that is the way they are intended to be used… as a daily nutrition shake to replace one meal.) But the cleanse is a good way for people to try it out and see what it can do for them! below is my website for 30 day supply.