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P90X Schedule

P90X Schedule and Worksheets

I started my life transformation with P90X on May 10th of 2010.  I remember the day as if it were yesterday, taking a selfie in the mirror and wondering how I had let myself get to that place where I wasn’t confident anymore.  I think I may have gained more weight than my pregnant wife.  You know what I mean if you are a Dad like me.  Fast forward 5 years later I am healthier than ever and living a life by design. We have been able to help thousands of people get into a home fitness program that matched their goals.  For me, P90X was that workout and it helped me go from 187 lbs to 145 lbs in just 90 days.  I fell in love with my results and began to share them with others.   We have helped hundreds if not thousands of people start their own journey.   I found about about Beachbody coaching after I completed P90X and spend my life sharing that with others, did you know that you can also share your results with this program and Beachbody Pays you?  Its what I do for my full-time career.  LEARN HOW

P90X Fit Test – Download this Fit test to get you ready to start your transformation!

P90X worksheets – These are the official P90X worksheets for you to track your progress.  One of the most important steps is setting goals and seeing yourself improve!

P90x Excel sheet–  Here are the official Beachbody P90X schedule in excel sheets for tracking progress and seeing your  p90x schedule.

P90X-Workout-Manager – Here is the excel sheet that I use!  This is a custom made P90X schedule

If you need help staying accountable to your P90X journey please feel free to contact me for coaching and support.  I have been through the P90X schedule 4 times and am P90X certified.

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