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Are you feeling overweight and unhealthy? Maybe you’re struggling with your job to the point where you DREAD Sunday afternoons because it means that Monday morning is soon upon you? Or, do you get SUPER excited on “hump day” because you have made it half way through the week? You may even be familiar with the excitement of having one day off (possibly two for a holiday) and then Christmas is GONE leaving you counting the number of weeks until your Memorial Weekend “holiday” again.

That was how I ALWAYS felt. I was always counting!

I was obsessed with counting and, as such, counted everything:

¤ Overtime hours to see if it would cover bills
¤ The hours and minutes to see when my next break was or when I could take my lunch break
¤ My vacation days — checking to see how many were left
¤ The number of days left to gather money for the mortgage
¤ The number of days until the EOY to see if I got a raise
¤ How many hours that the kids were at the babysitter while my wife was working nights
¤ How many hours I could sleep before I had to be up at 4 am
¤ How many years until retirement

 I would actually sit in my cubicle and write out ideas or plans to change things. I would pray that there was something better out there for me. I had a transformation of 38 lbs with P90X when I remembered seeing my Team Beachbody Coach talking about how she was paying off debt from her daughter’s pre-mature birth and that she was no longer working as a bar tender. Instead, she was now helping people from home with these awesome workouts. I thought to myself… Maybe this is my answer.

But I was afraid. My fears and doubts were holding me back from being a part of Team Beachbody as a coach even though I had great results with the programs. I let them hold me back for 8 months. Then, I faced something scarier.

Those fears kept me from sleeping at night. They made it seem like the world was spinning out of control around me as I lay in bed. It wasn’t until the morning of April 11th, 2011 that my fear of not knowing how to provide for my family after the birth of my 3rd daughter became greater than my fears that were holding me back from becoming a coach. Now, I LOVE sharing my transformation and passion for health, fitness, and personal development with the world.

If you’d like to learn more about setting and attaining health goals, if you’d like to change some aspect of your life (physically, emotionally, financially), take advantage of working with Top Male Beachbody Coach, Scottie Hobbs. Reach out to me and let’s talk about what you’d like to change and how I can help you achieve your goals.

Scottie Hobbs

Scottie Hobbs

Top Male Beacchbody Coach

“I’m Scottie Hobbs. I’m a husband and father to 5 beautiful children. I love the outdoors and playing the guitar. I’m a an entrepreneur who invests in people. I love personal growth, health, and fitness. I love serving people. I love helping people overcome their fears and obstacles. I love teaching them to use their personal life story and experiences to help others believe in themselves and find more happiness, joy, and purpose in life. I help fathers and Mothers who know deep inside that there is a better way to live life and provide for their families. I do it so that children can grow up knowing their parents and so that these parents can be great role models to their children. These parents need more positive relationships and role models in their lives. They need people who support them in going after their dreams, love them for being vulnerable about who they are, and who encourage them to face their fears. They need a way to get out of debt, build a retirement, and to have more time freedom to spend their live with loved ones. They want more time with their children and less time at work. When they embrace this way of life, They find a sense of purpose. They find happiness and joy in everyday encounters with life. They become victors rather than victims. They become more healthy, fit, and vibrant and bring a spirit of hope and positivity to this world. The find a positive channel to funnel their energy and share their story and message which makes a real difference in this world. They are then able to create a life by design which means they become the CEO of their own lives. When this happens, they are able to reach and impact more people on a bigger level and spend time with those that matter most.

I Gave Up

I Gave Up

I Gave Up There is this woman in our Dynasty Strong Virtual gym who always shows up with a smiley selfie and some words of encouragement.  I first talked with her in July as she was interested in joining a test group with a new program launch.  She's been seeing...

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Home Workout Plan

Home Workout Plan

Home Workout Plan Get ready to transform your body and your mind in just 20 minutes a day. I want to share some words and thoughts from Shaun T as we get ready to launch what may be the HOTTEST home workout program ever created.  This will be a home workout plan that...

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Buy Transform 20

Buy Transform 20

Buy Transform 20 Time to Step Up. This breakthrough total-body workout may be intense, but Transform :20 with Shaun T will be the most productive 20 minutes of your day. It’s fast, it’s hard, and you’re going to sweat, but the results will be worth it.  This post is...

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I’m Drowning

I’m Drowning

I'm Drowning It was 7 years ago I slipped beneath the water fighting at first and then slowly giving in. A heavy weight was chained to my ankles. How did I end up here? How did I get myself in this situation? I drifted deeper and deeper into the darkness of the water....

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Rest Don’t Quit

Rest Don’t Quit

Rest Don't Quit You see strength in people but sometimes the strongest people are struggling the most. It was 3:00 am Saturday morning the last time I rolled over, looked at the clock, got up and went to the restroom and said to myself. "I have 1-1/2 hours to sleep. I...

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My purpose

My purpose

My Purpose I was 8 months into my journey as a health and fitness coach when I found my purpose. I was on day 3 of the man cold where I had stayed home in bed nearly dying 😂🤪 ( Come on, you know us men when we get sick) Gabby told me to get up, shower, get dressed,...

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Build Team Beachbody Business

Build Team Beachbody Business Tips to recruiting coaches to YOUR team BECOME A COACH! Below is a full hour long video talking about how to build Team Beachbody Business from your home whether it is online with social media or face to face with people that you know....

How to Take Before Fitness Pictures

How to Take Before Fitness Pictures I want to share with you how to take your before fitness pictures.  Its hard for many people in the begin to take that before photo as you set out to change your life with your health transformation.  We are not comfortable with...

Beachbody Coach Training Youtube Channel

Beachbody Coach Training Youtube Channel Scottie Hobbs   I wanted to make sure all of you know about the Beachbody Coach training Youtube Channel that I have for our family of coaches but that is available for anybody to follow and use.  You can find all links easily...

Goji Berries / Shakeology Highlight

GOJI BERRIES Goji berries grow on an evergreen shrub found in temperate and subtropical regions in China, Mongolia and in the Himalayas in Tibet.  Goji berries are usually found dried. They are shriveled red berries that look like red raisins. What does a Goji Berry...

How Does Team Beachbody Pay Their Coaches

How Does Team Beachbody Pay Their Coaches One of the questions I get many times from our brand new coaches and also from our friends or participants in our team Beachbody Challenge groups is, "How does Team Beachbody pay their coaches?"  I won't go into too much...

Elite Beachbody 2019

Elite Beachbody 2019 Having led an elite team 5 consecutive years and a Premeire team for 1 year I wanted to give youthe tools so that you can understand how to earn Elite Beachbody 2019 with your team.  The Elite Beachbody 2019 program has changed this year and...

Earn 6 Figures from Home

Earn 6 Figures from Home I don't know what it was that made me start to shy away from talking about the success that people are having on our team of online health and fitness coaches but it was stories like that of my coach that empowered me to go after my life long...

Buy Dream Car

Buy Dream Car Had Eduardo and Lilian not had a dream, I would not have my beautiful wife and our 5 beautiful children. That alone is crazy to think about. He was going to be a lawyer in Bolivia but decided to bring his family of 8 at the time to the USA. Shortly after...

Success Club All Star

Success Club All Star Kiera Elise  When something INCREDIBLE happens in somebody's life it's important to let them know how proud of them we are! Let me introduce you to Kiera Elise. She is a mother and also a dang good Beachbody Coach. A year ago she went on a...

Beachbody Millionaire Club

Beachbody Millionaire Club **NEW BEACHBODY MILLIONARE DOLLAR EARNER** Words can't explain how I feel this morning as we sit here in Coronado at the Team Beachbody annual Leadership Retreat.  Brigitte Linford lived in our small town of Idaho Falls and we had some...

Free T25 Shirt

Free T25 Shirt Did you know that you get a Free T25 Shirt when you complete the program and submit your results to the Beachbody Challenge?  This is also how our clients, friends, and fellow coaches win the $500 that they give out EVERY single day.  This is my friend...

Shakeology Sampler Pack

Shakeology Sampler Pack Finally!  The Shakeology Sampler pack is here and available for you to purchase.  As for now it will come with just 2 regular chocolate flavors, Greenberry, and the Vanilla.  If you are anything like I was, I was hesitant to invest on something...

T25 Calendar

T25 Calendar The base kit of Focus T25 comes with the workout disks, the T25 Calendar, and the nutrition plan.  In the Base Kit you will get the Alpha and the Beta phases which you can see below in the two schedules.  I won't talk to much about it as I will show you a...

Ripped in 90 Days

Ripped in 90 Days Carl Beene Carl wanted to get ripped in 90 days but knew that this alone would not hold him accountable to his long term goals.  His solution:  Become a Team Beachbody Coach.  By becoming a Team Beachbody coach he made the commitment to not only work...

Body Beast Challenge Pack with Shakeology

Body Beast Challenge Pack with Shakeology I have been waiting for this moment for a few months now!  You all know that BODY BEAST is my soul mate workout and that I love Shakeology as one of my daily meals.  We have been asking Beachbody cooperate for a good half a...