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P90x Female Results

When you commit 100% to a Beachbody Challenge Group you are going to get results.  These P90X female results are just the beginning of her journey.  Clarissa has been an inspiration to all of us in the Challenge group that she just completed.  She joined another one to continually push her P90X Female results to the next level and inspire others to do the same.  What I love about her is he commitment level.  She is determined to succeed and so I have no doubt that she will achieve any goal that she sets her mind to.  She has come along way and continues to PUSH for that goal body picture that she put up to keep her motivated and inspired.


“My name is Clarissa Fernandez Ramirez; newlywed for 1 year already. This past March 2012 I celebrated my 3yr anniversary of P90X/P90X+/P90X2, unfortunately it’s been off and on because it hasn’t been easy, working full time, school full time. I live in Bakersfield, California with my husband, no kids, working full time & trying to finish school.  I’ve always been a very competitive/active person; I Played Basketball, Tennis, & Swimming in high school and was also in weight training. I’ve always loved the feeling that you get when you’re done working out and your body/muscles ache and scream of JOY, as I call it.  Where I have always struggled the most is eating healthy everyday.  I have had a low self-esteem about my weight since I was little and I finally had it and wanted to make a change.  I made the usual EXCUSES that I do not have enough time to workout, but like my dad always says; “there is always time to do anything and everything you like, it’s all about how you manage your own schedule.”

How I started my P90X journey; before I was engaged or even married, my NOW brother-in-law told me that he had been doing P90X for over 1 yr and he looked and felt great. I told him that I was interested in also doing P90X.  He advised me that he didn’t think it was a good idea for me to try P90X because the exercises were going to be too hard for me and I probably wouldn’t be able to do them.  That was the type of attitude I’ve had to deal with almost my whole life, others putting me down instead of helping me.  That is when I told myself that was the last negative comment I was going to hear about my weight.  P90X gave me the ability to have a set schedule each bright and early morning; I no longer had the excuse to not workout and P90X provided the meal plans!  P90X offered me the ability of a well balanced program and it had a great balance of cardio and resistance training. I felt that P90X built the foundation for a better healthier me.

The biggest obstacle I had to face was not within myself, because I was fully committed in putting my part, it was the Nutrition Plan and sticking to eating healthy.  I promised myself that every time I bought groceries, I would make it my priority to buy only healthy foods and stick to what was on the meal plan.  I would buy NO bad snacks because I had the bad habit of snacking in the afternoon, I committed to packing mine and my husband’s lunch and healthy snacks everyday, and finally I would include Shakeology to my diet.

P90X, P90X+, & P90X2 changed my life; I am such a happier, healthier, more confident person. P90X not only improved my health, it changed the lifestyle for my husband and me.  I ran my very first Half Marathon December 2011 in Las Vegas; no one thought I would have ever been able to do that; not even me.  I now know I can do anything I put my mind too! I have always loved all types of fitness, it has always been my outlet and my “ME” time! Some people though I am crazy getting up at 4:30AM to workout and every now and then I would get even crazier and wake up at 3:30AM because I would have to start work at 6:30am.  In my first Challenge Group, I lost a total of 32lbs and went down 4 pant sizes, my original goal was to loose 30lbs; I am now on my second Challenge Group and I will continue to push myself to loose another 30lbs.  I am extremely proud of the promise I’ve made; to give it my all and that is exactly what I have been doing and will always do to set an example for my husband, our future family, and for a better me.”


Her goal P90X body

results may vary

 I, as her coach am just as excited, if not more excited about her continued journey.  I know she will have amazing results with her 2nd round of P90X in a Challenge group.  She motivates the others to push forward and I appreciate her hard work everyday.

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