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Mormon Beachbody Coach

🙏🏻💡I want to share with you something that was taught to me as a youth at church that I was studying again this morning.  You see, I am a Mormon Beachbody coach which I think is pretty awesome because YOU can learn a little about me, as I learn a little about you on this journey. 🙏🏻💡

College education is GOOD 📚, but remember that its important that we continue to EDUCATE ourselves throughout our entire LIVES 🙌🏻

There are ENDLESS resources for you to learn and grow as a person.  If you follow us you’ll see that our priorities as a Mormon Beachbody coach is Faith, Family, and then Fitness.  I want to share a little bit of the teachings from our Sunday School along tips from other mentors in our lives.

Scripture, books, classes, courses, counseling, mentors, YouTube videos just to name a few.

I’ve traveled to be mentored over the past 7 years by Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard – Live. Love. Matter., Les Brown, Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Mel Robbins – #5SecondRule, Sagi Kalev, Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson, Kevin O’Leary and many others.

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But I get it. Right now it’s hard to pay for or travel to meet certain people but to be honest you can learn just as much from them at times online. In this photo I’m learning productivity from Brendon🙏🏻

This was a GIFT from our company to us for being all in with helping people in our challenge groups.

“Education is an important part of Heavenly Father’s plan to help you become more like Him. He wants you to educate your mind and to develop your skills and talents, your power to act well in your responsibilities, and your capacity to appreciate life. The education you gain will be valuable to you during mortality and in the life to come.

Education will prepare you for greater service in the world and in the Church. It will help you better provide for yourself, your family, and those in need. It will also help you be a wise counselor and companion to your future spouse and an informed and effective teacher of your future children.

Education is an investment that brings great rewards and will open the doors of opportunity that may otherwise be closed to you. Plan now to obtain an education. Be willing to work diligently and make sacrifices if necessary. Share your educational goals with your family, friends, and leaders so they can support and encourage you.” Strength for Youth- LDS

After reading this, what are some of the blessings promised if you continue to grow and educate yourself during this life?

You see, I love mentoring return LDS Missionaries into the role of a Mormon Beachbody coach because you have the skills and abilities gained through your mission experience to make you an incredible coach.