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Message to Fathers

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A message to Fathers…. imagine not being able to lift your daughter up to give her a hug.

Imagine walking into your daughters school to see her presentation and you have to walk past EVERYONE holding NOTHING while your wife carries an oversized laundry basket of materials.

Imagine being in the hallway at church with a screaming baby on the floor throwing a fit and you can’t pick or even lift them to their feet as people walk past you.

Imagine being at the Elementary carnival and your 18 month decides he doesn’t want to walk out of the room and so he throws himself on the floor and you can’t get him out.

That was me January through March of this year.

You see with social media these days and even television of the past, we see only the highlight reel of somebody’s life. We see what’s happening on stage but not really what is happening behind the stage. I was looking at these before/after pictures and there is not much difference other than being able to VISUALLY see a sadness or sense of defeat in my face just 4 months ago.

message to fathers, fathers, fatherhood

I’m writing these feeling not so that you feel bad for me or for yourself but that you realize that we are all human.

About 1-1/2 years ago I got a small tear in my right bicep tendon that was never able to heal because I was always carrying around my baby Malik. Because it progressively got worse, I overcompensated in using my left arm and the same thing happened to that arm. I then developed what is called Tendinopathy which is a “Disease of the tendon” in both my arms.

The beginning of this year these were the facts about my physical condition.

I could no longer lift my children

I could no longer pour a gallon of milk into my child’s cereal bowl

I could not put my baby into a car seat

I could not really massage my wife’s feet

I couldn’t work out

I couldn’t help my wife throw things into the truck while she is organizing

I could not even lift a dinner plate to put it away

The list goes on.

a message to fathers, fatherhood, being a dad


I want to share the things that have helped me heal and be able to accomplish finishing a 30 day round of CORE DE FORCE and just recently 2 rounds of the SHIFT SHOP and one week of a WEEK of Hard Labor.

1st. Thanks to Dr Kay Snarr I had PRP Injections which is basically a procedure where they take your platelet rich plasma out of your blood and inject it into the damaged tendon.

2nd. Then I was referred to RehabAuthority with Dr Nate Hunsaker. They helped give me PT exercises and were great to work with. They definitely put the patient and their needs BEFORE making money. I was able to slowly workout with bands and small dumbbells and can now do 15 lbs curls ( I was doing 55lbs a year ago) They really helped me to NOT push forward and damage the healing that was being done

3rd. Doing a modified CORE DE FORCE with my 10 year old daughter every morning for 30 days and then completing Shift Shop 2 times and a Week of Hard Labor once. Then I can’t leave out having the support of our challenge/accountability group.

4th. Mediation seeing and visualizing that my tendons were growing stronger and healing daily.

Through this experience I realized that I was indeed an “emotional eater”. I was eating treats everyday after my procedure called PRP when I couldn’t workout or even lift as much as a coffee mug. I will CHANGE this.

a message to fathers, fatherhood, being a dad

I am putting this out there as accountability and to let you know you are not alone. I feel blessed that this is our only health issue in the family as there are FAR WORSE things that could be going on. I am declaring that I will FIND the way to heal properly and with the time needed but that I will also overcome my desire to cope with eating treats daily.

If YOU have been waiting on the sideline and ready to start, I am forming my next accountability group and it will be the BEST yet. Send me a EMAIL ( and say that you are READY and I will reach out to you.