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Lost My Best Friend to Cancer

Let me introduce you to my friend Laird who shared with me that he lost his best friend to cancer and that was the turning point in his life to where he decided, “enough is enough.”  That was 5 years ago and he began with our program called Insanity and has completely changed the way that he feels about himself.  Laird we are grateful for your help and motivation inside of our Fitness Accountability group and excited for you to become a Beachbody coach in the UK as it opens up in just one month.


“I started insanity 5 years ago because I was unhappy 😔 with the way I looked. I was struggling to breathe even going short distances. I lost my best friend to cancer a year before I started so I just wanted to change my diet and lifestyle.
I now feel completely different losing over 2 stone in weight, I am healthy, and I can breathe  😂  I’m overall just a very positive person now and I am happy and feel good about myself.
I will always continue to train as I just love ❤️ it, my aim now is to tone right up 👊💪🏋️”