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LDS Beachbody Coach

As I was reading in my scriptures this morning before the girls left to school some thoughts really stuck out to me. 💡By the way if you are wondering my faith, I am Christian, and known as the LDS Beachbody Coach. 


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I was reading about how many of the people were beginning to “Labor in Sin”. I also saw a cycle where nations would rise and be prosperous and then fall and be destroyed.🚫

What I’ve learned in my life through my mistakes is this, and it correlated directly with the cycles I am seeing in scripture. 🙌🏻

Sin creates much more STRESS and WORK than righteousness does. 🤯 I have seen this first hand in my own life. What I was and am beginning to understand is that this is true not only on the personal level but also on a National level 🇺🇸

We want a better place for our kids and future generations right?👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🙏🏻😀

Let’s start in the home. It’s time to wake up and stand for something. 💪🏻🙌🏻

Remember. 🤔

Righteousness promotes peace.🙏🏻 So the work, labor, and productivity of the people are going to build up and edify the standard of living for everybody. 🙏🏻

On the other hand…..🤔

Wickedness will require the formation and financing of police, armies, self-defense, locks, security systems, guards, and many things like this. 🤬

Righteousness BUILDS, Produces, and creates prosperity….💡🤪😃 💰

Wickedness consumes prosperity.🚫

You may think we just drink a Shake and workout, that’s fun but the mission at hand is much larger and that’s why I’m so bold at asking YOU to join us.I am looking for return Missionaries who want to grow physically, spiritually, mentally, and financially.  What better way to save for your kids college and missions then helping US in this mission right here today.

LDS Beachbody Coach Family