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Kids Beachbody Transformation

I have been excited to share this transformation for a couple of weeks now as I waited to see Nate finish his transformation with the new home kids workout that involves a buddy.  Nate did this workout with his mom Kelli and is a Kids Beachbody transformation who is inspiring other kids and their parents to make healthy living a family affair.  Nate is gaining confidence at school, falling in love with fitness, and is now cycling with his Daddy.

Nate began this journey November 26, 133.2 lbs
Today, January 29, 118.4lbs
Total weight loss 14.8lbs
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Nates mom shares, “We were worried about Nate being diabetic or having heart problems. We knew Nate was getting some harassment in school. Nate feels like he has more energy and his father says Nate is more willing to do more outdoor activities since losing this weight. He got called names at school and this has made him WANT to workout. This journey is NOT over. We notice a huge difference in him physically and mentally and we encourage others to start being more healthy.  Nate doesn’t want to draw attention to himself but he is a great kids Beachbody transformation.

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Try one of these workouts

He has been doing Double Time and he has also started cycling.  This past Sunday, he rode 13 miles.