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John C. Maxwell’s Book Failing Forward

Failing Forward Audio


As a Team Beachbody coach I am always trying my best to add value to people which is a principle that John C. Maxwell touches on in almost every single book that he has ever written.  I heard about John C. Maxwell’s book Failing Forward through fellow Team Beachbody Coaches and so I decided to order it so that I could further continue you my own personal Development and growth.  I read the book and was impressed as always with what was taught here.  Every single morning during my daily workout I go to YouTube and search a topic that I want to expand my mind on and listen during my workout.  It’s a way to make the best of my time and grow a little bit each day.  If you aren’t doing this I highly suggest it.  Your life will begin to change as you learn success principles every single day.  John C Maxwell’s book failing Forward will open your mind and help you understand how to overcome fear by realizing that FAILURE is an essential part of success.  I will link the audio to this book below so that you may have access to it and begin to understand that it is okay to fail.