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I Want Free Trips and Community

Did you know it was only a week into my coaching journey when I got SO MAD and IRRITATED when I hopped onto Facebook on my break from my 12 hour work day only to see thousands. YES, THOUSANDS of people on a FREE trip which happened to be a cruise and they were posting sweaty selfies with my fitness hero Tony Horton from P90X. I want free trips and community vibe like these people had.  I called my coach that day and said, “Tell me how to earn that trip.”  Since that day I have earned over 14 free trips with our health and fitness home business.   Just recently I interviewed or had my friend Lindsay Hill share with us her story, her transformation, and how she went from working a corporate job building somebody else dream to now be working on her own.

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“In September 2015, I started on this journey just 6 weeks after having my second son. I had a 2.5 year old at home as well, and I was ready to get ME back! I had followed my coach and mentor for 7 months, and I saw her getting fitness results, having fun and building a business. I was ready to feel comfortable in my clothes again, I knew that I needed more energy with two kids at home, and I was ready to make some big changes. I was drawn to the community she was a part of and I wanted it in my life. I wanted the friendships, the trips, the fitness results and the income! So I jumped in and started working on ME. I committed to my journey, I committed to sharing that with others, and I committed to the business even though it was totally the unknown and unlike anything I had ever done before! I was completely out of my comfort zone, but I did it anyway!

I remember when I did my very first workout. It was nap time, my mother was visiting and I was excited! This was the start of MY journey. I pushed play, and could barely do ANY of the moves. Getting off the ground was a struggle, I was so out of shape that I couldn’t use weights, and I remember my mother laughing with me because I wasn’t doing ANYTHING that the trainer was doing. But I never stopped! I kept moving, and I didn’t stop until the workout was over. And every day I got stronger. I’ve lost 42lbs and just over 40” and have developed a passion for this healthy lifestyle. I’ll be honest, it took me over a year to actually enjoy my workouts, but I knew they were important, and I never regretted one when it was done. I went from eating a bag of doritos every night on the couch watching tv (no joke!), or going a full day without water and eating carbs only, to being a meal planning master, that can enjoy chips if I want, but now I know it’s a choice! I’ve gotten my confidence back, I ENJOY getting dressed and feeling comfortable in my clothes, and the community that I’ve become a part of has literally changed my life. I’ve said goodbye to the corporate world, am out earning my corporate salary, doing something that I am so passionate to wake up to every single day.

I have two little boys who have grown up seeing mommy exercise. They see that it’s important. They see that it takes hard work. My boys rely on me, as their mommy and the love exercising with me! They tell me when I’m sweaty, and when it comes to the business side of things, they see me working hard!!! They see their mom building a business based around a healthy lifestyle and that means so much! I was recently diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis that has affected so many of my joints. I’m on a low dose of chemo to suppress my immune system, and yet I am still showing up. Had it not been for this journey, the community and the growth that I have experienced over the past 3 years, I can honestly tell you, I would have handled my diagnosis with a completely different outlook. Instead of a ‘why me’ attitude, I see it as part of my voice to connect with and inspire others that are going through it to. I’ve helped so many people make positive changes over the years and have met so many amazing people, that there is no stopping me now. 3 years in, and I know it’s just the beginning.”

So hey, If you are saying, “I want Free Trips and Community”, I would love to consider you to be a part of our tribe Dynasty Strong where you’ll get mentorship from me as we work hard, solve problems, but more importability have fun and build an incredible community of ROCKSTARS.

I Want Free Trips and Community!  Apply below if your thinking those exact words after reading this post, seeing her photos, and watching this video.