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Fitness Program

I want to introduce you to my friend Lora who has completely changed her life by simply making the decision to purchase a fitness program and to stick with it.   One thing that I love about Lora is that for her birthday this past week she decided to go back to her country and spend time with kids who have no parents.

Fitness Program , online fitness program

“I started my fitness journey because I gained about 5,6 more kilos and I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror.  I felt depressed, I was always tired , I didn’t have power to do anything. I didn’t wanna go out and I saw some changes in my face as well like different color, more pimples. I didn’t feel I am beautiful. Really bad period. Plus I was in a different country (England ) I had no friends , no good environment so this is how one moth before my birthday I decided to get myself a present and I bought a fitness program with exercises and nutrition.

Fitness Program , online fitness program The feeling after you got good results is incredible.  I feel I can concur everything. I feel fresh , I feel beautiful , I have more confidence , I sleep better,  my face looks amazing (I have suffered from acne and even though I use good cosmetics my skin is not perfect after I started my fitness journey I saw amazing results on the skin of my face)

I would love to continue my fitness journey because I wanna make fitness part of my life , I wanna make the best decisions for my life. When I train my mind is clear , less stress , you feel happier and I would love to keep it that way.”