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Dream Life

Wake up and remember your dream. You CAN live a Dream Life.

Remember the REASON.

Remember WHY‍‍‍

We weren’t placed on this earth to be miserable.

Adam fell that men might have JOY

dream-lifeHe doesn’t want you to suffer. He wants you to LIVE your dream life whatever that may be.  He wants you to EXPERIENCE life, to raise children, and to live life to the fullest.

He didn’t create this BEAUTIFUL for us to only SEE from pictures and photographs.

He wants us to EXPERIENCE it. To be out in the world creating memories and living in the fullness together with His other Children.

We spent 8 days last week zip lining, horseback riding , swimming under waterfalls in the jungle, traveling through the back country of the Dominican Republic, and swimming with dolphins

You see that was a DREAM instilled in our hearts by God and was a bunch of playing but I can tell you that we are full of faith, humility, love, hope and a TON of hustle.

God wants us EACH to enjoy life, His creations, and each other and he has places dreams and ambitions in each one of us. He has already paved the way and placed the opportunities, resources, and people in front of us.

The only missing piece is this. To have FAITH.

But remember a simple yet profound truth. “Faith without works is Dead”

It’s not Complain and work. (Nobody will join you and help you on the dream if that’s what you do )

It’s not work sometimes and hope for a miracle.

It’s have complete Faith in God and his timing and do everything in your power to GROW into the person God intended you to be and and to take deliberate faith-filled action with joy and enthusiasm each and every day.

You’ll be surprised at how “lucky” you become when you work with this type of mindset and then do it with a “rest of your life” commitment