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Developing Leaders

I was sitting on the plane this morning on the flight from the Dominican Republic to Atlanta and I couldn’t help but think about being an entrepreneur and developing leaders

I’m one of those guys who originally wanted to be a dentist but changed my major when I realized the classes were “too hard” or that I wasn’t passionate about learning the name of every bone in the face and don’t even get me started on the Chemistry classes. I decided to do general studies and “figure it out later” 6 credits short of my associates degree I walked away from college without a degree and went to a technical college to be a Dental Lab technician. 

My first dental lab job lasted a few months and the last 6 weeks I was never paid as the the business closed and I was left jobless.

I had to find the quickest Dental Lab Job I could and landed one pretty quickly. I worked hard and within 2 years could do crowns and bridges from wax work to ceramics and I could do it well. During this time I got married and had my first child Kina with the help of medicade, WIC, and inexpensive rent in our brother-in-law’s basement we were getting by.

After 2 years I asked for my first raise and was told that “I wasn’t worth it” So making $11 an hour and being very good at my job I decided to take my skills somewhere else.

Gabby and I picked up and moved with our 3 month old daughter from SLC, Utah to Idaho Falls Idaho where I soon found out that there were no jobs in my field except for one that would pay me $8 an hour. So I took a job working for the company of a life-long friend. I swept floors for $9.50. I worked hard over the next 5 years and later ran the CNC laser, then became the programmer, then the Technical writer for the equipment manuals and helping to run the service department.

It was a great job and really helped my family as we had our next 2 children. I feel blessed that I had that company as a place to develop my skills and learn to work with different types of people in the service department.

Then enters Team Beachbody. P90X completely changed my mindset and life.
I was healthier than ever and finding confidence in who I am as a person. At this time I also returned to church with my wife Gabby and began to really find our purpose in life as parents and children of God. There are people that “laughed” at what I was doing building a business on the side and working every single night.

i am team beachbody, #iamteambeachbody, team beachbody coach

(Look at me now👌🏼👊🏻✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼)

I had to quit many things I loved like playing xbox, playing softball, and many other hobby’s that didn’t improve my life.

My goal in life is to help people find their purpose and passion in life and then from there, learn how to connect with people, seize opportunity, manage conflict, approach decisions, deal with stress, seek to serve, and to create a team around their values. All of these things while helping to develop them as a leader.

This leadership mindset will then determine their company culture, self-branding, customer relationships, team influence, and then viability of their market.  We are developing leaders all over the USA and Canada. 

There are MILLIONS of people who need more good relationships, more sense of purpose, better health, better fitness, better financial situations and we will reach and give these people the tools and teach them the mindset necessary to stand out in this world and leave their mark. 👊🏻
developing leaders, leadership development, how to develop leaders
We are the CEO of an amazing team of 45,000 amazing individuals across this country who serve and help people with the BEST fitness and nutrition solution on the market.

I am PROUD of that.

I’m proud to say that I struggle and have to grow and learn daily with our team. That is why you see us so bodily sharing our lives with others. I have a vision of growing this team to 100,000 in the next 3 years and have no doubt that this will happen with the amazing leaders that we have in our company and the amazing upcoming leaders who will join with us in the future.

I love what I do. ❤

I love what we stand for. ❤

I’m inviting YOU to take a look into how YOU can make a difference in your life and in the life of others.👊🏻