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Develop Strengths

Everybody says focus on your weakness. I am telling you to develop your strengths. 

I have been studying and practicing HAPPINESS for my daily personal development.

This picture makes me happy because it’s amazing to see this 2 year old personality come to LIFE

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Everyone is good at SOMETHING so develop your strengths. Maybe you are a good cook, you are patient, you are good with kids, or maybe you are a musician 🎶

Each time that we use one of our UNIQUE skills, we experience a BURST of positivity. So I want you to take note that if you are feeling in a RUT or need a happiness booster, I want you to revisit a TALENT that YOU have.

Want to take that to the NEXT level?

Even more fulfilling to your life and soul is when you exercise a strength of your CHARACTER. That is a trait that is DEEPLY embedded in who you are.

I took a 100 question survey and found that these are my top 10 Traits out of 24. ( Let me know if you want to know the survey link)

1. Forgiveness
2. Hope
3. Fairness
4. Perspective
5. Gratitude
6. Kindness
7. Perseverance
8. Humility
9. Leadership
10. Zest

I was reading a study that shared that the more that you use your signature strengths in your daily life, the HAPPIER you become.

If you want to become a better parent, employee, or business leader here is the challenge. I want YOU to INTEGRATE these into your daily as you will not only feel better but you’ll start to notice how the enhanced positive will make you more efficient, motivated, and productive! :

When you change the way you WORK and the way you lead people around you, you will be able to enhance the success of your team and the whole organization.