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Can I workout with Cerebral Palsy

Can I workout with Cerebral Palsy

Apr 14, 2011

    Can I workout with Cerebral Palsy

  David is the newest member of my team.  He inspires me beyond what I ever imagined.  I have seen AMAZING transformations, huge muscle gains, and extreme weight loss.  What I see in David surpasses all of this.  I have never been more proud and humbled as a coach to have someone so dedicated to P90X and and changing lives.
     I want anyone that reads this to know that we all have problems in our lives that keep us from arriving at our fullest potential.  David will show you this can be overcome and that we can be the best person that we can possible be.  We can overcome any obstacle that falls in our path.   P90X has given him a new found confidence in himself.  I know that along my side and with the help of Team Bombshell Dynasty we will help change peoples lives one at a time.  Please read his story and share it with everyone you know. – Coach Scottie

Can I workout with Cerebral Palsy?

165195 193463997332243 100000059332753 770099 1537182 n Can I workout with Cerebral Palsy   “Here is what I have been through in my life to start off my P90X Story. I have Cerebral Palsy, Bronchial Pulmunary Dysplasia, Touretts, Gilbert Syndrome (high billirubim count) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, I stutter to the point of not speaking. My stuttering has gotten better over the years tho. I am a high functioning autistic. I used to go into petit mal seizures. I have not gone into a seizure in a very long time thank goodness. Surgeries I have had include: fixed hole in heart, intestional (section removed) gallbladder removed, tonsil, adnoids removed. I was blind in my left eye growing up. But now I can see with both eyes. 40/20 hearing loss which is now fixed. I had paralyzed swallow muscles and vocal chords. I am doing extremely well now-compensating. Didn’t breath when I was born at 26 weeks pre-mature. Was 1lb, 10oz, 11 & a 1/2 in long, put on life support for 4 months, was placed in the NICU my 5th month on full oxygen and 9 meds. Suffered severe brain bleeds. I had to have everything be put inside a blender in order for me to eat it, cause I had a real difficult time swallowing food and drinks. The doctors said I would not make it alive, that I would Die because I was so sick. And said, that if I did make it thru, that I would be severely handicapped, and be wheelchair bound for life.
65778 180389911972985 100000059332753 665965 2380199 n Can I workout with Cerebral Palsy      Well…….. the doctors were wrong. I am currently 5 foot 9, 128 pounds, & healthy, living life to the fullest. I used to go to my local gym and lift weights just for fun not to get buff or anything. But when I went into the gym and started lifting the weights, a lot of the guys who were stronger and bigger than me made fun of me because I couldn’t fit a lot like they could.  So I said forget this, I quit. My P90X journey began sometime in May of last year.  My sister was telling me about this super awesome workout program that everyone was talking about called P90X.  My sister loves working out. So I said oh that’s cool. I bought p90x.  Didn’t have any weights. Did 45 days of the program, then gave up. Didn’t write down any reps or nothing.  I got 10 pound weights for my 20th birthday from my sister. So I said, ill make p90x my new years resolution to get into shape in 2011.  I had a beachbody coach.  We wrote back & fourth to one another.  I said to him ya im going to start p90x since i have weights now in January as part of my new years resolution. This was back in the last week in August of 2010.  He said, David, why don’t you start September 1st? That way you will have completed the program by December. So I told him, okay ill do it. And the rest is history pretty much.
37482 146290945382882 100000059332753 449570 3511234 n Can I workout with Cerebral PalsyI’m almost done with my 2nd round of the program and never looking back.
   P90X has made me realize that if you put your heart and soul into something, anything can happen. I also have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, so that kinda explains why I love P90X so much. And the changes that I have made, not only mentally, but physically because of this program, are outstanding. I feel much stronger than i have ever felt before. I can do pull ups, sit ups, the whole program. Tony Horton is such an amazing person, He not only motivates u thru each workout, but he says (Do your best, forget the rest) That is my Moto now. I’m doing the best I can with this program and getting stronger and fit and healthier every day. I’m trying to gain mass. For the people who say, I cant do P90X, its to difficult, I have this to say to them:  If I, who has been thru Hell and back with everything I have been thru in my life can do P90X, then ANYONE can. Do your best, forget the rest!!! I have made the change in my life, I’m NEVER looking back!!!!!!!!!! “
ScreenHunter 85+Apr.+14+08.12 Can I workout with Cerebral Palsy
free coaching Can I workout with Cerebral Palsy

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  1. Jamie /

    oh my gosh!!!! you story is AMAZING!! i was actually tearing up reading it. you're a living breathing miracle & i'm so glad you're getting stronger every day! thank you for sharing your truly inspiring story! so awesome! :)

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