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Best Beachbody Team

Paige Luft

I may be biased but I claim to say that we have the best Beachbody team.  Today I am super excited to share the progress of my friend Paige Luft over the past few months since joining a Beachbody Coach Sneak Peek and joining our family as a coach. Paige is an amazing example of facing adversities and continuing to break through and move forward in her life and transformation.

I started following Scottie and Gabby in 2014. I started my weight loss journey in 2013 when I deployed to Kuwait I was there for nearly 11 months. While i was there I lost 80lbs. I got home and I was doing great with my workouts. In Aug 2015 I broke my foot while running my first half marathon, I finished the race. I continued to work out but i struggled because you can only work out so much with a boot on your foot. I was in the walking boot for 9 weeks. My foot finally healed. I got back into working out hard core and pushing myself the way that I wanted too. In Aug 2016 I then tore my MCL in 3 spots and did everything we possibly could to heal it. In Feb I had to have knee surgery. ( what another set back) BUT guess what I still kept pushing! I had bad days here and there but in the end I was still trying to reach my goals and achieve the dreams I wanted out of life. At this point I gained weight because I couldn’t do much cardio or be in the gym for that matter.

best beachbody team, best beachbody family

This is when I was invited to the coach sneak peak and my life changed since joining the best Beachbody team! I started reading. ( which before beachbody I didn’t read a whole book in my whole life.) I  felt I had a family who loved me not for who I was but for the person I was becoming. Scottie believed in me when I couldn’t even believe in myself! Now that I am doing beachbody I feel as if my life did a 180. I can maintain my weight and in the area I struggled in I am finding ways to get over them. I know what I need to do when I fall off and I have more of a positive mind set on life. I am willing to share what i know about fitness. I have A TON of confidence in myself and I love me. For the first time in years I love the women I have become. Beachbody is more than selling the product. It’s a family. We have the best Beachbody team.  Everyone wants to see you achieve your goals. Supports your dreams and they always bring out the best in you. Even when you don’t feel like you are doing what it takes to get to the right place they are there to pick you up and help you get through it all. You fall off and guess what they are still there. Telling you how proud of you they are and you can do anything. That is why I love being on Scottie’s team. He has changed my life so much in the last year.. I would say I wouldn’t be who I am today with out him!