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Beachbody Programmes

Nick Antoniades

I am super excited to share the results of Nick from our fitness accountability group as he completed his 8 week program together with his wife Hannah ( I shared her results a couple weeks ago) and will be updating them with her current progress.  They have been doing Beachbody programmes since 2011 and hit some setbacks but since meeting them I have seen them make some serious changes not only for themselves but also for their new little baby. Hannah and Nick are natural leaders and helping to lead our team as we prepare to officially launch our Beachbody Programmes into the UK with the Beachbody Coach Opportunity.  I’m pumped to see Nick get back to where he was at in 2013 before he was hit with health issues.  I’m grateful for our friendship Nick and excited to see you continue to change YOUR life and inspire others around you to begin their journey with Beachbody Programmes.

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I have been into fitness for many years and first started beachbody programmes with my wife Hannah in 2011. I had previously been into heavy weight lifting but felt I needed to try something different to get “photo ready” for our wedding later in the year. That year I lost around 35 lbs, and by 2013 I had lost just under 50 lbs and was in the best shape of my life.

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My fitness and health gave me a positive outlook to most things in life and I felt ready for any challenges life could throw at me. Unfortunately, it didn’t prepare me for some pretty rough health problems that hit me at the end of 2013. I quickly fell out of shape as I was unable to train and the depression caused me to binge eat and drink. Unfortunately, these health problems have lingered for some time and will probably be with me for life. Over a 3 year period I pretty much gave up on exercise and good nutrition. I had fallen so far off the horse that I felt like I was back at square one. The thought of climbing that mountain all over again filled me with dread. Earlier this year, my wife gave birth to our baby girl. We both decided it was time to start getting healthy again for our baby girl (and for ourselves) and she convinced me to give Hammer and Chisel a go. We decided to complete the 8 week programme schedule over 10 weeks to give us a chance to ease back into it. I’m really pleased I agreed to do it! I’m starting to feel more like my old self again. I’m relatively happy with the results, particularly as the nutrition hasn’t been perfect and I haven’t completely dropped the beer! 12 lbs down, 2 inches off the waist and ready to take on the next Beachbody programme. I still suffer with health problems, however I’ve already noticed an improvement in how I deal with it when I suffer a setback. I plan to stick with it, hit Shift Shop next and continue on my journey forward to a new updated version of the man in 2013!

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