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Beachbody Pay Check

I don’t know what it was but about 2-3 years ago I began to shy away from talking about the MONEY that the coaches that we mentor are earning, building a part-time business from home.  A Beachbody Pay Check comes every single week to those that are working hard and helping others live a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.  I don’t know why I stopped talking about the Beachbody Pay Check and the ways that Beachbody compensates or pays you for helping people but as I sit here tonight pondering my journey, I have some thoughts.  It was seeing my coach pay off some medical debt that inspired me to Join as a COACH so that I can work toward bringing my wife home from working night shifts, which led to us leaving our little girls in day care.  I want to share with you the Last week Beachbody Pay Check of my friend from High School, Heather College who was a personal trainer AND a nurse.  She was inspired by seeing me PAY OFF OUR MORTGAGE completely and saw that she could align what she does with our team as a coach.  Last week she made $796.25.  If her income was not continuing to grow, ( which by the way if you do it right and the way we teach you, it will continue to GROW) she will make about $42,000 this year, PART-TIME from her home, doing something that she loves.  Not a bad gig right? (and that is if it DOES not grow!?!?!?!?!?!?.)

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Most vulnerable post ever!🙈

Some may think this is a lot and some may think it is a little.

It doesn’t matter.

I share to give hope to the moms who are struggling financially, living paycheck to paycheck like we used to.

To the moms who hate leaving their family to go to work, who want to make more of an impact in others lives through helping others succeed.

To help you understand you don’t have to leave your kids to go to a place of work. You can be your own boss, set your own hours, work while the kids are asleep and give yourself a raise anytime you want. You can even continue working at your job and have a side hustle for extra play money.

You don’t have to do what you studied in school if it doesn’t bring you joy.

Yes there are a lot of other things I could do to make more money than this, but for ME it’s not about dollar signs, it’s about the FREEDOM of doing what I LOVE from home, from anywhere, anytime without having to leave my family.

It would have taken me teaching 40+ group fitness classes or working THREE 12 hour night shifts in the ICU to earn this same amount I earned in one week from the comfort of my own home while my kids were asleep.

In the last 2 ½ years as a part time online lifestyle coach, I have been able to pay off ALL of our student loans, hospital bills for the baby, a professional remodel of our kitchen, retired from ICU nursing, took my family on a Disney cruise, and went on trips and vacations we could have never afforded before coaching.

And the coolest part? I gave myself a HUGE raise from this time last year! The last week of February 2017 I earned $253.56, this week was $796.25.
More than ANYTHING, the little bit extra gives us freedom – it’s about the TIME – The memories.

How could I NOT share this with you & everyone?! When it has done SO much for us. —
All the tears & prayers that were said before this – I believe things happen for a reason & I KNOW someone else right now is praying for the same thing & THIS is the answer. 🙏🏼

Do you have that small thought that this is an answer to your prayers or maybe you’re just curious?!

*Beachbody does not guarantee any income or level of success with the coaching opportunity, each coaches income depends on their efforts, skills and diligence.

Here is the video that she watched.  It’s funny to think about now but she reminds me all the time. “WHY DIDN’T YOU INVITE ME TO JOIN YOUR TEAM $ YEARS EARLIER.”