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Be More Productive

I’m going to teach you something against the GRAIN on how to be more productive😱

If I were to ask you if you can see ripples of happiness throughout your HOME and/or the workplace would you say YES? 😃

If the answer is YES are the results better? Do people get along better and does more get DONE?

I know that in the home, if I want the house to be cleaned, If I can give positive energy and do things that make it FUN, it will get done fast and it will get done well.

happier_at_work, more productive work, happier work environment

The opposite rings true. If I am negative, demanding, or telling the kids to stay focused and stop talking with each other, the job does not get done or not done well and everyone is upset even though it was managed strictly.

Somewhere along the way of our lives and in our “workplace” we have gotten off course per se in what is right and what is most effective in creating happiness and positive results whether it is getting the kids to work together or producing more results at work.
Bosses and managers tend to honor the employees who can go the longest without a break or vacation. They are also honoring those that don’t “waste” their time socializing at work.

Do you want to be more productive? 

Did you know that your return on investment would be HUGE if you allowed your employees to leave 30 minutes early to volunteer locally?

Did you know that results would improve if you allowed them to do 30 minutes of exercize OR meditation at work?

IF that seems like TOO much to start with there are smaller things that will help and work as well. After talking with many people and also from my own personal feelings of the past working for somebody else and leading inside of companies I would admit that I would be embarrassed, ashamed, and/or fearful if the boss walked by as I was laughing at a funny youtube video, telling or listening to a funny joke in the hall, and/or talking to my child or wife on the phone.

more-productive-at-work, happier workplace,

The thing is, these things give you a positive burst of energy that help you improve your performance in your job.
If you are managing and leading and you are negative about those things and SO focused on time management and production the truth is that energy will spread throughout your team and organization.

So if needed, start small. Allow those on your team including yourself to infuse the workplace with positive bursts of energy.
Last night for us, instead of rushing the kids to brush their teeth, get ready for scriptures, get in bed. Gabby and I looked at each other at bedtime when the kids wanted us to come outside and sled, gave the nod, got dressed and went outside for 45 minutes.

The kids came in happy, brushed teeth, got the scriptures out, went straight to bed, and the interesting part is, they were ready for school 20 minutes earlier today than they normally are which made for a much more peaceful and effective morning